James Popik, Guitar, Vocals & PianoFrom Tin Pan Alley songs at the foot of Uncle Al’s piano through Top 40 AM radio, big sisters’ record collections, all-nighters wearing out the needle and professional studies Jim has tried to absorb and learn as much as possible but his sound is always grounded in the Blues, the ‘live’ sound and the art of improvisation. Influenced by The Allman Bros., Jeff Beck, Pat Metheny, Miles,Trane, Monk …..
  Jeff Page, GuitarJeff Page picked up guitar at age 13   after  being a loyal fan of Southern and Blues rock ,recieving” The Allman Brothers Band” (1st Album “69”) on his 10th birthday and discovering Marshall Tucker,Little Feat,Outlaws,Lynyrd Skynyrd, ect. around the same time.  Then came  Johnny Winter with his Delta Blues roots, with huge guitar chops , BB and Freddie King , Albert Collins,Buddy Guy,Robert Cray and SRV were in the cassette deck next.By the late 80’s , it was time to slug it out in bars and clubs with various Classic ,Blues and Southern rock bands in the NJ/NY/PA area for the next 20+ years.  Playing lead and slide guitar with tone, power and taste,  with a mix of Southern influences via New Jersey, is the sound Jeff is striving for .
  Jeanne Yarrow, Vocals, PercussionFormer lead singer of Taproot, regionally acclaimed folk quartet. A pure singer in the Emmylou Harris school but with more power and a bluesier and more Gospel sensibility.
  Andy Janowiak, DrumsLightning in his hands and Thunder in his feet. Berklee alum Andy Janowiak brings more than groove, more than feel. Like the best in the business he has a unique signature sound. Full, fluid and dynamic. In addition to his work w/TFT Andy has recorded, engineered and produced many tracks with the legendary Rock & Roll Hall of famer Bernie Worrell.
 Pete Nardonne Pete Nardone, KeyboardPete Nardone has been sited in various venues on the East Coast since 1977. Jamming with the likes of Sweetwater Lemon Jello Jefferson in his past life. On stage Pete usually has his eyes closed. Occasionally accused of peeking at young chippies he counters with, “it’s just my way of communing with dead keyboardists who inhabit my body when I’m in a deep trance.” Like Bob Marley…When Pete’s not jamming he enjoys living on the edge, often working till he passes out, and Vanilla Ice Cream.
  Luke Kessel, BassGraduate of the school of hard knocks, road campus. Back home after spending a year plus gigging in Asia. Recently covered 5 countries in Europe w/Myra Roxx. Toured nationally with Bluesman Lonnie Shields. Luke “The Duke” is in the pocket but can slap it silly as well. Very in demand TFT is lucky to have the best with us.